Why You Should Join eXp with the Expand Your Commissions Group

Expand your Commissions

WHO WE ARE: Four entrepreneurial agents that have a passion for helping others.   Our backgrounds vary but our personal struggles to grow our own real estate businesses created a unified passion to make the road easier for others. Learning from our mistakes took time (and a lot of wasted money); we are now dedicated to helping others avoid those costly pitfalls.


WHAT WE DO: #TeamEYC was created to expedite your path to Owning Your Brand, Owning Your Career, Owning Your Finances, and Owning Your Future. Our efforts are designed to set others on a rapid path for success.   We believe if you share this vision and passion for growth you will be more likely to share eXp with others and help grow the company.  As the company grows, we all grow and that is exciting!


WHY WE EXIST: We believe if agents can quickly plug into a process designed to streamline the transition, they will realize the benefits of eXp and become as excited as we are to share the opportunity.  The owners of eXp have created the incentive to help others and we are living out their vision.

Team EYC’s Tenth Degree Program (#tothetenthdegree)

Here is our pledge to you:

  • We will provide you with all of the support, materials and strategies that you need to attract ten agents and/or brokers
  • Our goal is to help you accomplish that in the first ten months after you join eXp under #TeamEYC
  • If we don’t hit the 10-month target, we will work with you to identify the sticking points and redouble our efforts to get you to those ten recruits
  • We will also help those ten people successfully recruit ten people
  • We will repeat the process for everyone who joins under the Expand Your Commissions group

Our goal is to change lives. eXp Realty has given us the tools and resources to do that, and we are ready to watch #TeamEYC explode!