If you’re a real estate agent or broker, when you were deciding where to hang your license you probably focused on support, lead generation and commission splits. That is understandable because getting clients and closing deals is, after all, how we make money. You might not realize, however, that you can now supplement that income with the most aggressive revenue share plan in real estate!

EXP Realty was started in 2009 with the vision of creating a new type of real estate brokerage and, in less than eight years, the company has seen incredible growth.

This new idea of creating an agent-owned cloud brokerage has dozens of perks and features that you will not find at any other firms, including: stock options, 80/20 commission splits, a low cap, no desk fees, and much more. They do all of this for us, the agents and brokers, because they understand that most successful people in the industry are extremely driven and will almost always want to become owners of the firm down the road.

In order to keep talented, productive agents at EXP Realty, they understood that they needed to offer something special.

Glenn Sanford, our CEO, cites Keller Williams’ massive market share as an example of how firms can grow and keep their agents/brokers happy through generous profit sharing, but he also felt that a system based on the profitability of the office is not ideal. Instead, he wanted to offer “the most aggressive revenue share plan in (real estate)” to tie the amount you earn from bringing in quality people directly to revenue from their closings.

This is an important distinction because you are being paid off the top of the revenue payouts, rather than waiting for the money to go into the brokerage and crossing your fingers that profits are strong for the accounting period.

The table below can give you an idea of how it works and you can also read the company’s description here. But the best way to understand why it’s so much better than profit sharing or other programs that our competitors offer is to speak with someone at EXP Realty about it.


To put it very roughly, once you have recruited five cappers to EXP Realty, you make about $3,000 per person every year that they cap. If each of them brings in just one person, you also make another $3,000 or so off each of them. So, with a down line of only 10 people, that would be a total of around $30,000 in passive income every year for as long as those real estate agents or brokers stay at the firm.

The actual calculations are not quite that simple, but the important thing to understand is that this is clearly the most aggressive revenue share plan in real estate.

If you’re not sure that you will be successful recruiting people, take a minute to read about how we’re helping through our Explode My Down Line program! We believe completely in the vision of EXP Realty and, if you choose to join under us, we are dedicated to helping you build passive income to provide the flexibility to focus on growing your business and to help plan for retirement.