For Realtors and brokers, the difference between having average success and phenomenal success is understanding how to generate leads for real estate and being dedicated enough to turn that knowledge into activity.

EXP Realty understands that and they are setting a new standard in the industry for helping their agents and brokers with lead generation.

“By far the most efficient approach to deal with your leads is always to use a process that automatically brands you, supplies worth to your prospects, follows up with them, and sorts out the uninterested people.” – MLM Lead Generation

In October 2016, EXP Realty announced a robust Enterprise Lead Generation and CRM Platform through a new strategic relationship with Commissions Inc. Most people who are active in the industry are (very) familiar with the products and services that Commissions Inc offers, but there are some key elements of this enterprise deal that make it unique:

  • EXP will be the only large brokerage where all agents will have access to the tools and resources at no additional cost.
  • Every agent will also receive a custom websites that integrates with local MLS data.
  • A comprehensive CRM platform to manage deals from lead through closing is also included.
  • Three apps – CINC Agent App (iPhone) (Android), (iPhone) (Android), and Open Houses by CINC (iPhone) (Android) – are all available as well.

As great as it is to have access to all of the lead generation tools and resources provided by Commissions Inc, EXP Realty didn’t stop there.

The 8-year old company truly understands how to generate leads for real estate and has already partnered with Kunversion to provide free lead generation assistance to every one of their agents and brokers.

  • This really helps turn traffic into leads.
  • It also helps manage those leads so that you can turn leads into transactions.
  • This free service can be supplemented by EXP’s own Making It Rain program, which is a pay-for-lead program that is far more cost-effective than almost anything else on the market.

For example, the average cost per lead through Making It Rain is only $15.00 per lead. While that is not the cheapest option for lead generation, the difference is that these leads are specifically targeted based on internet search keywords, meaning they are typically higher quality, more focused leads. And, of course, that means you should be able to convert a significantly higher percentage of them into clients and closings.

Remember: All of this is included in your technology fees when you join!

If you interested in learning more about how to generate leads for real estate, especially as it pertains to EXP Realty and the enterprise package described above, email us at with your questions or to schedule a casual chat about the company. And don’t forget to ask about our Explode My Down Line program and how you can take advantage of that to help your recruiting efforts.