If you’re a real estate professional, chances are you’ve either used Commissions Inc (CINC) or you know someone who has. It’s a great system that delivers results, but the questions are always, “How much does Commissions Inc cost?” and “Does CINC work?”

Well, we can tell you one thing for sure: it’s much, much cheaper than you think… IF… you’re at the right brokerage.

One of the reasons a growing number of real estate professionals are joining eXp Realty is that CINC and a number of other tools are included at no additional charge!

How Much Does Commissions Inc Cost?

We’re not going into much detail here about the pricing because, to be frank, we don’t think you should pay them anything directly. Why would you when you can get full access simply by joining eXp Realty? (We’ll talk more about that in a second.)

From our conversations with other agents and brokers who are not with eXp, we understand people are spending anywhere from $55/mo to several hundred per month and, for some teams and top producers, even more than that. If that range isn’t specific enough for you and you’re still thinking, “How much does CINC cost?” then you should reach out to them and see what kind of package they will put together for you.

Don’t take that the wrong way; we sincerely hope you to make that call because you will hear firsthand how much they charge for their services. And you’ll appreciate what eXp Realty offers even more once you know those numbers.

Does Commissions Inc Work?

Now, we’re not speaking negatively about CINC. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The reason they can charge other brokerages what they do is that agents and brokers see a lot of success when working with them.

But that doesn’t mean that YOU have to pay it…

If you choose to hang your license at eXp Realty, the answer to: “How much does Commissions Inc cost?” is, you guessed it, “Nothing!”

At eXp, your $50 monthly membership dues cover a number of services and tools, including:

  • Commissions Inc
  • Kunversion, complete with IDX lead generation and a CRM site
  • A WordPress site that is built and optimized for you
  • Free website hosting
  • Skyslope
  • Hours and hours of training from some of the best minds in the business
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • And much more…

Speaking of much more, Mike Ruiz with Gateway Mortgage goes above and beyond for his clients. If you have a client looking for an awesome loan officer, we highly recommend him and his team.

So, does Commissions Inc work? Of course, it does. And the success rate is even higher when you couple it with Kunversion, blogging, Skyslope and everything else that is included all for just $50/mo.

Whether you are paying over $300/mo in fees – like I was at my previous brokerage, – you’re at a discount broker, or you’re somewhere in between, surely you see the value of having all of these technologies at your fingertips. If you were to price all of these things out on your own, you would be looking at thousands of dollars a month and you would still have to figure out how to get all of them to work together.

At eXp it’s all integrated and seamless.

We’ve already covered how much does CINC cost and if you would like to hear more about how well it works, check out a little more here: “Does CINC work?

If you are still on the fence, any of the members of #TeamEYC are happy to speak with you and answer your questions directly. Please use the Contact Us page to reach out and we will get back with you as soon as possible.