eXp World Holdings, Inc. stock jumped back up over $3.50 per share as of the close of business on August 8, 2017! The stock (trading as EXPI) has shown consistency and steady growth for most of its existence and things continue to look good for the rapidly-growing real estate company.

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After reporting record earnings for the second quarter of 2017, EXPI rallied from $3.12 on August 14th to as high as $3.55 on August 18th before ending the day at $3.51. August has been kind to eXp World Holdings, thanks mostly to its real estate brokerage arm, eXp Realty.

The agent-owned cloud brokerage has seen impressive growth in agent attraction, revenue, and profitability despite a small shake up at the highest levels and a slight change in the culture and management system. Real estate agents and brokers – who are, to put it nicely, not exactly renowned for their love of the rigidity and structure of corporate America – seem to have embraced the holacractic business model espoused by CEO Glenn Sanford.

We’ve written extensively about what it means for real estate professionals to have stock options and how great it is that agents and brokers now have the chance to participate in things like benefits and other programs that have been available in other industries for decades. This week we’re going to keep the article short in order to keep the focus on the actual stock price, but we would like to remind you that you are welcomed to use the Contact Us page to speak with one of us directly to answer any of your questions about what it’s like to work at an agent-owned cloud brokerage.

EXPI and the discounted stock program is only one of the many perks and we would like to discuss all of them with you. We have small group meetings every Tuesday in Houston near The Galleria and we also host online meetings and presentations for anyone who is not able to attend in person.

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