Last week we posted our first weekly EXP Realty stock (EXPI) update and gave you a hypothetical scenario to explain how you can take advantage of the stock options and discounts that the company offers. Every Saturday – or, well, at least a couple times a month – we will update you on how the stock is performing and how much growth you would have experienced if you were participating in this one-of-a-kind benefit.

Note: We will also share press release from EXP World Holdings, Inc. and other relevant news whenever it is available to the general public. However, please understand that nothing you read here is intended to be investment advice or unique information. This is simply an effort to explain the EXP Realty stock option program for real estate professionals.

EXPI closed at $3.89 yesterday, which is an increase of over six and a half percent (6.58% to be exact) from Friday, February 10, 2017. That’s not a bad week for a penny stock, but what would that mean for you?

Sticking with the $250,000 closing that we used last week – which would earn you the right to purchase just under $300 in discounted stock – let’s see what that $300 would look like now after just two weeks:

  • To recap, a $250,000 closing last week would’ve allowed you to purchase 108 discounted shares of EXP World Holdings Inc (EXPI) for a total of $299.51.
  • As of today, those shares would be worth $420.12.
  • In only eight days, you would have gained $120.61 in net worth/assets!

Now, $120.61 might not sound like much and no stock is going to increase every week, but over time, your ability to purchase EXP Realty stock at a twenty percent (20%) discount during every closing is a benefit that you should absolutely factor in when you think about how to compare real estate companies.

And we’re not the only ones who are optimistic about the company’s growth potential…

Uptick Newswire selected EXPI as their Daily Stock Pick for 2/15/2017. One of their favorite things about the company is that the agent-owned cloud brokerage model is bound to attract people with “shared purpose and common goals.”

One thing we have not mentioned is that there are additional ways you can earn stock, including: capping, recruiting, and closing deals. If you would like to know more about all the ways you can build wealth through EXP World Holdings Inc and the stock options it provides, please send an email with the topic “Stock Info” to We’d be happy to share out thoughts with you and answer any questions you may have about EXP Realty.