Have you ever just wanted someone to answer a question so you can quickly move to the next task at hand?  Well, that happens a lot when you are getting started in real estate.  There are so many unknowns.  True, you spent hours studying and preparing to take the exam to obtain your license, but then you get thrown into the real work and have a million questions all at once. You soon realize the classes taught you about real estate law, but you might need to look into eXp Realty’s Mentorship Program if you want to learn how to close deals and have a successful career.

This is where a mentor comes in handy.

Take a minute to read how our Michelle Cardwell explains her role as an eXp Realty Mentor:

In my previous life as a corporate executive, I had mentors and coaches that had been down the road ahead of me and could make my journey a little easier.  I absolutely took advantage of it (partly because my company provided it at no cost); but now that I am an independent consultant no one is standing over me telling me how to navigate the waters.

Before I was at eXp Realty I (barely) survived bumps in the road and plenty of wrong turns. I eventually realized I needed a mentor to help guide me in my real estate career.  I quickly began to leverage the knowledge of others in the business and built a mastermind group of agents that had similar challenges.  Through those early relationships I learned that “newbies” in the business really struggle to gain the traction necessary to quickly get them into production.  They grow tired of spinning their wheels. Some eventually figure it out, but sadly, others give up and quit the business.  Now, I agree some of those that quit probably should never have attempted real estate in the first place; but the lure of big commission checks and riding around in fancy cars enticed them. Then they realized how much work is required to succeed in this industry.  Real estate certainly has many more challenges and liabilities than most people understand, and you need someone in your corner who has lived it and can help you get a firm foundation upon which you can build a robust business.

Can a mentor or coach really make my life easier?   Yes, and let me tell you why.

  • First, this business can wear you out at times.  In the early days, you need the commissions to keep your business growing and therefore you take on clients and work hard, not smart, just hard.
  • Layering a lot of hard-work quickly takes over your calendar all hours of the day and night (trust me, it happens!).  You allow it in the beginning because you are growing your business, need the revenue, and frankly are not structured enough at that time.
  • Success builds because of your efforts and you wake up one day to realize you do not have a life; nor do you have a system to scale to the level of production you need to sustain yourself in the business.

You are burning the midnight oil until 2:00 AM and already dread getting up for the 8:00 AM walk-through and a 9:00 AM closing the next day.  You have a listing appointment at 10:00 AM and you do not have a listing presentation prepared because you have only worked with buyers and have no idea where to start!   Looks like you will be up all night!    Yep, trust me, it happens!

It was very kind of Michelle to share those thoughts, and we are happy that she chose to focus on the time management aspect of being a real estate professional. It doesn’t matter if you are at eXp Realty or at another brokerage, you will underestimate the amount of time each of these parts of the business takes in your first couple years.

The thing is, time management is probably something that most new agents don’t even think about until it becomes a problem.

Here are some of the other questions new agents can answer because of eXp Realty’s Mentorship Program:

  • Where do I find clients?
  • How do I convert leads to clients?
  • How do I handle inspection issues?
  • How do I prepare my clients for closing?
  • And many more…

There are hundreds of more specific questions that won’t even occur to new agents until they face them. #TeamEYC is proud to say that three of our founding members are outstanding mentors with eXp Realty. And they are attracting even more mentors to ensure we always have a support system for all real estate professionals who join the company as a part of the Expand Your Commissions group.

To find out more about how Michelle or our other mentors can help you grow your business, please Contact Us and let us know how we can help. Even if you’re already at eXp Realty and your sponsor is not part of #TeamEYC, we still want to see you succeed and we’re happy to help.