Real estate professionals are constantly on the move. Between showings on the weekends, opening doors for inspections, grabbing a house warming gift on your way to a closing, or networking at happy hours, it is a busy, busy existence where no two days are the same.

Increasingly, it also seems that no two years are the same.

According to the National Association of Realtors, over thirty percent (30%) of Realtors and real estate agents have been at their firm for less than a year. That is a shockingly high number, but here at Expand Your Commissions we believe that agents only move that often because they are always searching for the best real estate brokers to work for.

Editors Note: Yes, we know we should not end sentences with prepositions, but we have to do it for search engine purposes. Trust us, it drives us crazy too.

Boutique brokerages don’t offer the support and marketing edge that productive agents need and large firms take too much of your money for brokers’ profits, royalties, transaction fees and overhead.

If you’ve moved brokerages recently, you know how frustrating it can be to find the right fit. We know the feeling, but we think we’ve found the answer in the new agent-owned cloud brokerage, EXP Realty.

Our group came here from a variety of backgrounds. We have a mega-agent / team leader from Keller Williams in Minnesota, a former Rookie of the Year from one of the largest Keller Williams offices in Houston, TX, and a residential developer-turned-Realtor who started at a small nine-person boutique brokerage.

Despite our different backgrounds, we all came to the same conclusion. EXP Realty will quickly become one of the best real estate brokers to work for, and here’s why:

  • Stock options – Unlike the vast majority of real estate brokerages, this firm is agent-owned and publicly traded. Agents are able to purchase stocks at a nice discount at each closing, which provides a unique opportunity to build equity in a growing national company and grow your retirement nest egg.
  • Low fees – There are no desk fees, no royalties, and no franchise fees. Plus, technology fees are less than half what most large brokerages charge.
  • Reasonable cap – The cap is only $16,000, which is significantly cheaper than large firms like Keller Williams.
  • Generous revenue sharing – EXP Realty rewards their agents who actively recruit by sharing revenue. This is different than a profit sharing agreement. To put it simply, if you bring someone in and they cap, you make $2,800. (For more information on this, please refer to the Revenue Sharing Calculator.)
  • Helping agents plan for the future – As we all know, the social safety net in this country is no longer sufficient. As our population ages and birth rate declines, Americans cannot count on the government to take care of them after retirement. Real estate professionals must understand that and take advantage of the revenue sharing and stock options to ensure they can live comfortably in their latter years. You can’t go on living closing-to-closing forever.

There are dozens of additional benefits that we don’t have space to mention here, but take a minute to watch this video for a little more information on why some top producing agents have decided to make the move to EXP Realty.

This firm is quickly becoming one of the best real estate brokers to work for and we are committed to helping real estate professionals understand how to take advantage of the opportunity.

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